Lewer Corporation is an Australian privately owned company, established in 1972, head office in Sydney, specialising in natural resources and the sourcing, supply and distribution-of mineral and metal related raw materials.

Complex Metal Concentrates and By-Products

Lewer has been successful in the purchase and further processing to direct industry use of mine and industry by-products containing copper, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, etc. The raw materials are best described as concentrates, slags, dross, ashes, spent catalysts, bag house dusts, sludges, mine tailings, etc.


Lewer’s past activities include strategic investments in process plants to produce selenium and tellurium, cobalt and nickel based chemicals, sulphuric acid tank storage and gold processing.

Domestic Distribution

Lewer imports and distributes throughout Australasia a wide range of minerals, metals and metal based chemicals. Lewer also distributes domestically sourced raw materials for a wide range of industries such as cable makers, glass factories, fertilizer manufacturers, and steel mills and foundries.


Lewer processes various mineral and metal by-products at sites at Melbourne (VIC) and at Adelaide (SA). Various minerals are sourced, milled, blended and further processed for industry.